Founded by Lesley D. Flanagan 


Lesley believes that we are all a team and there is enough business out there for us to succeed together. She started her career in 2003 as a commission stylist then went on to rent a chair for 7 years before opening her own salon. With its second location opening in the summer of 2018. She doesn’t believe in keeping what worked for her a secret. The only way we can elevate our industry is to do it together. 

She has done extensive research, taken a ton of classes and then implemented what she learned into her own business behind the chair.  Whether you are the salon next door or the one in the next town, she wants to see us bring up the industry together. Lesley has a degree in Fashion and Retail Merchandising, which she earned while continuing in our industry. She has taken the key concept and principles she learned and applied them to her own salon business in order to grow and help those around her. Will you join her in her commitment to furthering our industry?